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  • Angul lies between 200 31' N & 210 40′ N latitude and 840 15' E & 850 23′ E longitude. The total geographical area of Angul is 6232 sq.kms, and is the 11th largest district among 30 districts of Orissa. Angul shares its borders with Sundargarh in the north, Deogarh, Sambalpur & Sonepur in the west, Boudh & Nayagarh districts in the south, Dhenkanal & Cuttack in the south-east and Keonjhar in the east.

  • Angul comes under Mid Central Table Land Zone

  1. It Spreads over 13642.19 sq km and accounts for 8.77% of the total geographical area of the state of Orissa.

  2. It lies between 200 3' and 210 6' N latitudes and 840 3' and 860 6' E longitude

  3. Covers 21 revenue blocks and 4019 villages

  4. Flat with undulating topography.

  5. Major rivers Brahmani and Mahanadi runs in this situation.

  6. Soil groups of the zone are alluvial (entisol), Black (vertisol), red-laterite (alfisol) & lateritic (oxisol)

  7. Mean annual rainfall is 1422 mm, the minimum being 511.4 mm in Talcher and maximum 2843 mm in Sukinda block.

  8. About 18.80% of the cultivated area is irrigated.

  9. Rice is the principal crop i.e. 35.82% of total crop.

  10. Other important crops are greengram, arhar, groundnut, sesamum, mustard, ragi, wheat, millets, sugarcane and vegetables.

  11. The total population of the zone is 2.981.495 according to 1991 census

  • The district is divided into four agro-ecological situations

Sl. No.

Name of AES

          AES features

   Blocks covered


Red loam with medium rainfall

Red soil, Avg. rainfall-1382 mm,

Major crops: rice, greengram, blackgram, groundnut, arhar, vegetables, mango

Major commodities: Mushroom

Angul, Athamalik    


Black soil with low rainfall

Black soil, Avg.rainfall-1086 mm,

Major crops: rice, blackgram, vegetables

Major commodities: Dairy, fishery, floriculture

Banarpal, Kaniha     


Medium textured Red loam with low rainfall

Red soil, Avg. raimfall-1030 mm,

Major crops: rice, sesame, vegetables, mango

Major commodities: Dairy



River valley alluvial with medium rainfall

Alluvial soil, Avg. rainfall-1300 mm,

Major crops: rice, greengram, cashew, vegetables, mango

Major commodities: Dairy, Poultry,  goatery, mushroom,  fishery, floriculture

Athhamalik, Kishorenagar, Talcher


Black soil with medium rainfall

Black soil, Avg. rainfall-1344 mm,

Major crops: rice, greengram, groundnut

Major commodities: Poultry, goatery, mushroom, fishery

Banarpal, Kaniha, Pallalahra

  • The prime cropping system of the district is rice-pulse (Greengram & Blackgram), rice-Oilseed (Groundnut & Sesamum) and in irrigated condition rice-pulse/oilseed-vegetables and rice-vegetables-vegetables.

S. No

Farming system / enterprise


Crop + vegetable + dairy


Crop + orchard + mushroom


Crop + vegetable + floriculture + dairy + pisciculture


Crop + poultry + goatery + mushroom + pisciculture


Crop + orchard + floriculture + livestock + pisciculture


Geographical Area

6,38,000 ha

Net Sown Area

2,16,000 ha

Area Under Forest

2,72,000 ha

Permanent pasture

36,000 ha

Waste Land

19,000 ha

Irrigated Land

67,870   hectare

Area under Kharif crops

1,92,970 hectare

Area under Rabi crops

90,470 hectare

Cropping Intensity

168 %

Agro Climatic Zone

Mid-central Table Land Zone

Annual Rainfall

1422 mm

Temperature ( Maximum and Minimum)

Max.-440 C ,  Min.-120 C

Soil type of the district

Red Loam ,Clay and heavy clay, Black and Alluvial soil

Major enterprises in the District

Vegetables and fruits, Oilseeds and Pulses, Poultry and  Pisciculture

No. of Villages


No. of Village Panchayats


No. of Blocks


No. of Tehsils






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