Soil Type of the District



Soil type


Area in ha


Red Laterite (Oxisol)

Soils in the upland are strongly acidic where as valley bottoms and low lands are mildly acidic, lighter in texture and poor in organic matter, poor retentive capacity, deficient in micronutrients like B and Mo.



Black (Vertisol)

Heavier in texture, slippery when wet, deep wide cracks are observed in summer, severe soil erosion, neutral to slightly alkaline rich in Ca but phosphate and potash are low



Lateritic (Oxisol)


The soil are poor in organic matter, nitrogen and available P but potash level is medium, rich in hydrated oxides of iron and aluminium with small amount of manganese, titanium and quartz, surface crusting is a problem in upland laterites hindering post germination establishment



Alluvial (Alfisol)

Coarse sand to clay, poor to highly fertile, light texture, low in water holding capacity, usually acidic, drainage is poor due to low permeability, deficient in N, P, S and medium in K.







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